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   Prophet Amos Spoke of Dark Times When It Seemed Truth Was So Lost People Would Run Throughout The Earth To Find It, And Could Not.  And even further particularly stated in those dark days the young men and fair virgins would faint for thirst, which certainly could pertain to truth being lost on vital issues regarding beauty, romance, and sexuality  (Amos 8:11-13).  Doctrines of Devils disallowed marriage and certainly oppressed other issues about the subject!  

A Vital And Eye Opening Video On Sex Education

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Another Eye Opening Video  --The Veiling And Hair Styles of Women--

2020 Vision For 2020 And After

For Many Miracles And Much More On The Subject See

God Wants To Shed Light On The Subject!

The top of this tree fell only hours after I noticed it was dead

and studied how to cut the tall tree down.  Further it fell in an amazing

way blocking our food kettle and path to our picnic area.  God certainly wants to

get  our  attention  and  which  may take a food shortage as God has shown many.  And even further like various other tree incidents this tree also provides an amazing and surprising metaphor and message about Valentines and sexual matters. 

See for more! 

Details About The Above Tree Event

Below Is an Eye Opening VALENTINES Allegory For VALENTINES 2021.

It Was Originally Written In 2008 But For Some Reason Was Not Published.

It Now Has Been Updated .

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